You go through the same frustrations time after time when scheduling a photo session...

• The full investment can be hard on your budget with a one-time payment.

• You forget to schedule a session and can't get a in when you want to.

• You feel like you're starting over for each session - searching for a photographer each time that your family has to get comfortable with and that you are uncertain of the experience you are going to get.

simplify your life - get the photo sessions you want, when you want, and spread out the cost so you never have to miss a moment again!

Imagine how you’ll feel looking back over the years having documented all of the most special moments. As a mom, I know time goes way way way too fast - and if there is one gift I dream of giving to my clients, it’s being able to look back on all of the good times with beautiful photos forever. I'm committed to giving you the best experience possible, and the most beautiful images to look back on for a lifetime. All of your shots are edited with my signature style and returned to you within 72 hours.
No more photos you hate. 
No more missing special moments. 
No more waiting for weeks for images from a photography experience you didn’t love.
No more stressing about cost.

Picture how it will feel to finally have YOUR photographer...

That’s why  I  made this program as simple as can be -

I hear you.

this is a whole new concept so there can be lots of questions and confusion when considering it.

Will I take photos often enough to really make it worth it?

I have never worked with you, how do I know you're MY photographer?

My family hates pictures, how would I even get them to participate?

You might be asking yourself questions like...

This sounds like a dream, but you might be wondering if it is the right fit for you?

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A VIP access like no other family photographer. get exclusive access to the Maylily calendar, exclusive discounts, and spread your session cost out for less than what you are spending a month on coffee …

The Maylily Family Subscription



“I signed up for the MayLily fam subscription because it seemed like a no-brainer! I hadn’t even done a session with you yet and I knew it would be worth it. Boy was I right! Pay a little every month for the most amazing photos and then when it’s time for photos you just pay the balance. It basically guarantees we will get photos taken every year (ok multiple times a year!) and honestly when it comes to photo time it feels like I’m getting photos for next to nothing. It literally makes photos, which is sometimes one of those things you want but don’t always prioritize, happen regularly. And with you! There’s something magical about having your own photographer that you use for everything important instead of random ones you find at the last minute because you forgot to schedule something 🤪 we know you, you know us, and it makes photos that much easier because everyone is comfortable and just having fun together! Best $ I spend every month—and I don’t even have to think about it.”


“I love the MayLily subscription! I originally signed up because Michelle is one of my very favorite friends and I want to support her endeavors in being the BEST photographer and boss babe she can be. She became my family photographer soon after we became great friends and I saw that her work is absolutely exceptional. (I’m picky, so this is saying a lot) My favorite part of the subscription is that my husband doesn’t notice the small charge each month and when we get our pictures taken he doesn’t notice a huge charge, because there isn’t one!!It’s absolutely wonderful! Michelle is always evolving and on the forefront of the newest and best ideas in her area of expertise. I can’t think of anything that I would want more in the subscription, but I know whatever she comes up with next will be exactly what I didn’t know I needed.”

Check out what subscribers like you have to say

• Check off finding your photographer for the foreseeable's done baby! 

• You tell the family it's picture time and they are all looking forward to it! I work hard to get to know everyone in the family. I pride myself in my ability to make everyone feel comfortable so that the whole family can relax and have fun!

• Your fall session is coming up, but it's already paid for with your monthly amounts so you feel like you are just getting free pictures.

• You have exclusive access to my calendar so you ALWAYS get a session.

• You know there is magic in what I do so you have full confidence and trust that no matter the situation I am going to get some awesome photos for you. Plus, your littles actually REMEMBER me and how much fun we had last time so they are excited for picture day.

Life in the Subscription...

• Stressing about finding a photographer.

• Having to get the whole family on board and comfortable with the photographer EVERY. SINGLE. SESSION.

• Cringing at the all-at-once cost to get the photos and experience you want.

• Not being able to get a session with your photographer.

• Stressing about how your littles will do and if you will even get anything good. Will it even be worth it?

• Just plain forgetting to get photos done until you've missed the moment.

Your life now...


My calendar for all photo sessions except my 10 minute ultra minis is ONLY open to Subscription members. I only take on a limited amount of new subscribers ONCE a year. Otherwise, this is the ONLY way to get sessions with me

Exclusive Calendar access


Subscription members receive 20% off my current session prices. No limit. All the time. (excludes Black Friday because that sale is even more amazing). PLUS, get 20% off all prints and photo products ordered through me. 



Your $35 a month subscription fee is applied to your next session!!! Yep, that money gets taken right off your session cost dollar for dollar. Can't get much better than that.

Pay over time


As a subscriber you receive any and all emails, updates, announcements, etc. FIRST!!! That means NEVER MISSING OUT!

Priority everything


If you made all the way here I'll let you in on a little secret - I LOVE to give surprises. That means my subscribers may or may not receive random surprise gifts ;D


What's included?

Enroll now!

Pay a small monthly amount that goes towards your session, get exclusive access to the Maylily Calendar, Discounts on prints, and priority for all the things. it truly is a no brainer!

Just $35 a month
Enrollment open for a limited time only!

Enroll today, and finally stop stressing so you can focus on the MAGIC of photos!


"Our family is definitely one of Michelle’s biggest fans! We love her and her photography is top notch. We would do anything to support her business, so when the opportunity came up for the membership, it was a no-brainer. We knew we’d be using her for our photography needs and this was a way ensure that we’d get early access to sessions. Win win!

I love that we have early access to Michelle’s calendar for booking our sessions. This ensures that we can get the timing and look we want for our session. Another added bonus of the subscription is paying a little bit each month to use towards our session. Usually when it comes time for our shoot, we have already paid a significant portion of the cost."

Kind words from another subscriber

Make sure to sign up for the email list so you don't miss when enrollment opens!

I open a very limited amount of slots ONCE a year in January. These slots sell out quickly! If you want to make sure you don't miss it make sure you are on the email list.

Ready to sign up, but enrollment is closed?

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I operate as a subscription only photographer. If you need me in your life this is it!

• Your $35 a month is just saving up to be used! You have a full two years to use your credits.

• Fall. Yep I have to talk about it. Every year I have families who want to get in for Fall family sessions and can't. Don't get stuck like them.

• You will decide last minute you want a session and enrollment will be closed and I only offer sessions to subscribers.

• If you have it, you will use it! Trust me on this. Every single subscriber RAVES about how easy it is to get sessions done. This means more photos for you and no more last minute stressing.

I am going to be brutally honest here... it will be too late.

Why start asap instead of waiting until you KNOW you are going to do a session?

The magic is real! The subscription is really risk-free, but if you would like to do a test run with me, I offer Ultra Mini sessions in Charlotte, NC. You can learn more about those HERE.
"But i havn't worked with you yet, how do i know you're My photographer"
Even if you only do one session a year you're still paying towards it all year. I have multiple subscribers who save up their credits and by the time they are ready for their session, it is already paid for! Can you imagine how nice that is?
"I don't need very many photos a year."
I get it. But here is the deal - every dollar that comes in just goes towards your session. You can cancel anytime. You are not locked into anything. The only thing is you have to wait 12 months to resign up. Easy
"i am afraid to commit."

You can do this (I promise!) ...even if you’re thinking…

Nope! Everything is fully automated. All you do is sign up and then when you go to schedule your session your credits will automatically be applied.

I will be so sad to lose you but you can cancel anytime! However, you must wait a minimum of 12 months before signing back up.

I would love to say they never expire but my lawyer says I have to put an expiration date just in case. Sooo, you have TWO YEARS to use your credits. Most of my subscribers use theirs within 6 months so no need to worry

You may be thinking to yourself; ok but am I really going to remember to book my shoots and take advantage of the money or am I just going to be spending $35 a month for nothing. Every single one of my Subscribers have had similar thoughts, and every single one of them usually uses their credits within 6 months and are even on to their second shoot before the year is out. I’m in touch with you all the time, you’ll get emails from me (only valuable) to remind you that you have pre-access, making it super easy for you to book way in advance. It’s actually like having the excuse to get beautiful images every year AT LEAST ONCE. And come on, you can truly never regret that.

Subscription only just means that I do not take on clients or offer sessions outside of my Subscriber list. I made this switch because my priority is to offer you the best possible experience and I have found that this is the best way to do that. Less clients means more of a VIP experience for you. Also, there is just something special about watching your families grow up over the years. Selfishly, having the honor to be a part of that journey in my small way is my favorite thing ever!

The only session I offer for non-subscribers are Ultra Minis in Charlotte, NC. You can learn more about that HERE.

YEP! Just one rule - You must have the full amount of the session available in credits or be paying for the remaining amount yourself. Other then that, gift away!

The Black Friday Sale is the only place your subscriber discount and credits are not available. This is because sessions are typically already discounted HEAVILY. I hold this sale every year the Friday after Thanksgiving. Subscribers receive first dibs to these sessions. IF (in the past my subscribers have sold out multiple locations in less than 48 hours). I will then open any remaining available sessions to non-subscribers. This will be the ONLY way to get a full session with me if you are not a subscriber but I wouldn't count on it.

The full price for sessions range from $350-$700. As a Subscriber you receive 20% off those prices for every session!


From no experience in photography, I quickly moved to shooting 25+ sessions a week, and shortly after, teaching photography. I finally starting my own family photo business and mentoring other photographers in 2014.

Over the next 8 years, I took Maylily Photo along with me while supporting my husband through a total of 11 military, school, and work related moves all over the western US + North Carolina. Along the way, we added two daughters and two pups to our family! 

I know both sides of the camera - what it is like to be a mom trying to setup and have family photos taken. Which is why it has been my mission to offer a simple, beautiful and magical photo experience. 

I know all too well the magic that photos offer during tough times, good times and everything in between. The family is a sacred type of belonging and it's a miracle we can capture even just a glimpse of that.

I can't wait to capture your families magic.

Hi! I'm Michelle 

About your photographer

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You deserve to finally experience the magic of Maylily!

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