You’ve tried to figure this all out on your own, but you just can't quite put all the pieces together.  It feels like you've tried everything but...

• You are still struggling to get repeat clients or clients at all.

• You feel like you are always working but not accomplishing very much.

• You are simply drowning in all that you need to do and have no idea what the next step is.

Trying to navigate starting and running a business alone is overwhelming, I Get it!

Take control over your business and let it work FOR YOU instead of working for your business.

Feel the creativity again. Systemize. Organize. Profit. 

Picture how it will feel to finally know your next step...

That’s why  I  created simple options so you can take action fast   -

I hear you.

there can be lots of questions and confusion when considering working with a coaching.

Am I really ready to hire a mentor?

Will it be worth the money?

What if I don't even know what kind of help I need I just feel lost?

You might be asking yourself questions like...

This sounds like a dream, but you might be wondering if this will actually work for you?

Let's chat!

3 choices. That's it. We will cater your choice to exactly what you neeed. Not sure what that is? Start with the coffee date and lets build you a roadmap!

Pick your path


The coffee date

We will sit down for 2 hours over our fav drinks and talk through all things photography, business or whatever it is you need right now so we can build you an execution plan. Nothing is off the table! Come with your questions and I’ll guide you through the next part. Includes Voxer or Marco Polo support.


The shooting date

Need some hands-on session help? This 2 hour date is for you! We will shoot the cutest styled family, children, or adult model(s) for 1 hour. I will take the lead and show you exactly what I do during a session. Bring on all your questions! We will shoot side-by-side until you are ready to take over. I'll be there to guide you through any challenges you are having. After shooting, we will spend 1 hour going over all things editing. Everything from presets in LR and editing workflow to organizing your photos and backups. We will focus on whatever you specifically need the most guidance on. Includes Voxer or Marco Polo support.


The 1 on 1 relationship

This is the grand daddy, 1-on-1 full topic training. You will walk away with full knowledge and skills to use and apply t0 whatever specific topic you choose. I offer Lighting, Business Set Up, Lightroom, and many more. For a full list of topics offered shoot me a message below. Includes Voxer or Marco Polo support.

starting at $300 per hour

Let's chat!
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"Having Michelle as my mentor completely changed my business in the best of ways. I more than doubled my prices in the 6 months I worked with her. I learned how to create a professional business that simplified and elevated my client experience. Michelle not only had incredible business and organizational knowledge to share, but helped me with my individual business problems on a 1:1 level in a way that helped me see solutions and easy steps to take forward.

Not only did my income increase exponentially, but my confidence in my business skyrocketed as I knew that my career would no longer be viewed as a hobby."


Kind words from a student like you

• You have a plan! You know what your next steps are. You feel back in control.

• Hello systems! You are back in control of your time and SURPRISE, you have more than you thought!

• You know you're not alone. You ALWAYS have someone to ask and talk to about your business now.

• The fun, the creativity is BACK! 

• You know exactly what to hire out, when, and how to find someone to support the business and life you want to have. 

Life after coaching...

• Overwhelmed and unsure what to do next? You feel like you are just keeping your head above water.

• You feel like you spend the majority of your time doing the same tasks over and over and you just keep thinking, 'there has to be a better way'.

• Running this business feels lonely. You don't know who to ask questions, who to brainstorm with, 

• You started your business to create, and that has gotten lost in the overwhelm of the business side.

• You are doing EVERYTHING yourself, or at least trying. You are wearing 27 hats, but have no idea how to get help.

Your life now...

Schedule yours now!

20 minutes of making sure i am the right fit for you, talking thorough your biggest pain points are so that we can ease those and creating the perfect plan for you.

Not sure which one is the right fit? Sign up for a FREE connection call and let's set you up for success

This is totally up to you. I can give you all the tools and directions, but it's up to you to apply them.

You will walk away with things you can implement immediately as well as steps for completing the next steps, but if you don't take action nothing will change. We have to shift your momentum, that means action from you!


You'll never miss a beat: we can go at your own pace and do the lessons at your speed.


Outside of shooting education, you can mentor with me from the comfort of your couch, kitchen table, favorite cafe, or even the park - as long as you have an Internet connection!

You can mentor from home, from anywhere in the world.

let's chat!

The longer you wait, the longer it will take to get where you want to go.

• Time is the only resource you cannot make more of. Time is going to pass regardless of what you are doing so you might as well make the most of it. 

• Momentum. Momentum is key to anything you do and it takes time to build it up. You have already started your momentum be being here. Keep it up an start something today!

• Why not? No seriously, why would you NOT start today. If you are here, then you are seeking and ready for help. You are just delaying your progress the longer you put it off.

• Don't let fear drive. If you are holding off out of fear, you need to boot fear out of that seat. He is driving your car and you DO NOT want to live a life driven by fear. You deserve to be here, to grow, to change your trajectory. Take the first step.

There has never been a better time to start working on your business than now.

Why start today?

• You are perfectly content exactly where you are.

• You are confident that your way is the best and only way to do things.

• You are not willing to read books.

• You are not ready for hard conversations and to speak your truth.

You’re not ready if:

• You are itching to grow, yourself AND your business.

• You feel like a dam of growth is just waiting to break but you need help cracking it.

• You want to offer you clients an exceptional experience.

• You feel excited and terrified all at the same time while reading about mentoring.

You’re ready for this if:

This is an important question! I am glad you are asking! Let's hope on a Connection call to discover if I am who you need right now.
"Are you the right mentor for me?"
Part of my role is to help you get clear and that includes getting clear on exactly what questions you need answered. So don't stress, I got you! We will figure it out together.
"I don't even know what to ask"
Mentoring is an investment in your business. It's a shortcut to get you where you want to go. Can you get there without a mentor? Probably. Will it take WAY longer. YES! If this is something your really want to do we will make it happen. I offer payment plans.
"I can't afford it"

You can do this (I promise!) ...even if you’re thinking…


I reached out to Michelle for business advice as a photographer. I had just moved to a different state, and felt like I was taking shots in the dark. I felt like I was spiraling and had no real direction.
Enter Michelle. She literally had answers to all of my questions, plus so much advice to give. 5 minutes into the conversation I felt my confidence returning, and had so many ideas for relaunching my business in a new state. 
The best investment, by far, was hiring Michelle for business advice. She’s not only adorable and easy to talk to, she’s wise and has so much business advice to give.

Kind words from a student like you

Over the last 11 years I went from no experience in photography to shooting over 5000 sessions and educating other photographers. I brought my business, Maylily, along while I supported my husband through a now total of 11 military, school, and work related moves all over the western US + North Carolina. We also added two daughters and two pups to our family!

I have been through the ups and downs of running a creative business and worked with my own mentors. So, I have been where you are. I can't wait to teach you all that I have learned!

Meet Michelle...

About your teacher

I'm ready!

You deserve to finally experience the relief of having a guide through this crazy world of entrepreneurship!

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