When I started my 'college job' at a professional studio with ZERO experience in 2011 I had NO IDEA where it would take me. But 5000+ sessions later and I KNOW why I stuck around.  Photos of your deepest loves have power beyond the screen or the frame. Not sure what I mean? Let me explain....

I am a family photographer and virtual small biz mentor based in Charlotte, NC

I'm Michelle.

Hi  friend!

Photos are a forever window into that moment, those emotions, and YOU! They are a wordless way to connect with each other AND to ourselves.

it's more than just a click and a rectangle...

Today, I get to fill my work days with the most genuine love and connection. With the Subscription, I get to be so much more than just a one-time photographer. I get to know my clients, my people, on a much deeper level giving me to opportunity to offer them not only  beautiful photos, but also acceptance, love, and the most magical experience year after year.

in 2011, i was struggling to find me. photography was the first step down the path to that discovery.

While my path has been full of trials and struggles, photography has always been my saving grace. What started as literally nothing became my lifeline to connection, growth, and community. 

"Photos remind us we are loved. We belong" 

Family after family, client after client i discovered so much underneath the photos. 

From no experience in photography, I quickly moved to shooting 25+ sessions a week, and shortly after, teaching photography.  I finally starting my own family photo business and mentoring other photographers in 2014.

Over the next 8 years, I took Maylily Photo along with me while supporting my husband through a total of 11 military, school, and work related moves all over the western US + North Carolina.  Along the way, we added two daughters and two pups to our family! 

The Journey of Maylily...

I am a proud Hufflepuff married to a Gryffindor with an 8 year old who cried ugly tears in her HP themed room when she found out it was all pretend. I grew up right along side Harry and I read the books yearly.

Harry Potter

I am the spender in my family who ironically is in charge of the finances and budget... go figure. I love me a good local boutique in addition to  Nordstom, Lululemon, Anthro, etc. 


I LOVE sharing my knowledge and mentoring in anything that I can. I love being the reminder that you CAN do it and helping set up your next steps to accomplish what you are after.


I have two pups (11 yo and under 1 yo). I love them and all dogs. I also am a wanna be cowgirl and wish I could ride a horse everyday. I believe they both have a inner power and are here to help and love us through our journeys.


I am an avid reader/Audible listener. My library is full of everything from Twilight to Atomic Habits. I am obsessed with learning. I also love me a good magical fantasy . Maybe I will start a book club!


Disney has a special place in my heart. There are so many lessons to be learned there and so much magic to be shared. 


Photography is not my only jam... get to know me better!

A few of my favorites

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